Dreams to alienate



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This was actually my favorite scene in the entire anime.

These kids weren’t main characters, they weren’t even recognizable faces. You weren’t supposed to feel anything for them. In fact, you were supposed to dislike them, because they were too scared to go out and help the characters who were humanized, who you did like. But this fucking kid, this poor, scared kid who you don’t even fucking know, just quietly kills himself like it’s the most natural thing in the world. No drama, no theatrics, no emotional speeches. He just does it. Almost as if it’s just the rational thing to do, like drinking water when you’re thirsty. For me, there was nothing more real in the entire series than this, and there was nothing that defined the characters’ way of life more. Because what the hell kind of world do you have to live in to treat suicide like such a logical option?

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